Season 3, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date October 11 2013
Written by Asael Polanco
Directed by Asael Polanco
Episode guide
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Its Coming/Bread n' meat! Hungry Hungry Petz
Supermarket is an episode of the Lil' Petz series and show.


Fox Searchlight Pictures OutroEdit

  • Gray Dog:Thanks you for watching Lil' Petz Shortz only on GoAnimate.Bad News! You Go+ account will renew on October 14 2013.Dont be shy! Upgrade into a longer plan.One more thing:Be sure to check out the Lil' Petz Wiki only on Wikia.
  • Green Dog:Shut Up,Wacko!
  • Gray Dog:Don't Wacko me!
  • (PUNCH!!)

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